How to Choose an RV Repair Shop

Whether you require no more than a simple inspection or there’s a full-blown repair issue that should be addressed, call an RV auto professional. However, finding a good one is harder than you think.

Below are tips to help you pick a good RV repair service:

Focus on quality work, and read customer reviews.

As they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” including when you’re looking for an RV repair service. It can be a teeny-weeny garage or huge national-chain dealership, but work and service quality is the most critical factor for you to consider. If you’re not familiar with the area, look only for RV repair shops near you and read reviews.

Consider experience.

Even if an auto repair shop is good with cars, it doesn’t mean they can work as good with RVs. Recreational vehicles are totally different, with their own internal mechanisms. An RV mechanic may cost more, but that’s better than trusting a cheaper but inexperienced alternative.

Check their equipment.

A simple way of knowing whether an RV mechanic is the real deal is to know what equipment they particularly use. Simply put, because RVs are much larger vehicles than typical, it’s only natural that repairing them will call for different equipment as well. For example, RVs are maintained using a 3D frame measuring machine, which enables mechanics to determine needed repairs, including major issues with the vehicle’s frame.

When copying the original welds of a manufacturer, they also make use of a machine called squeeze-type resistance spot welder.

Ask about warranties.

RV repairs are generally costlier than repairs for usual vehicles, meaning finding a shop that guarantees its work is a lot more important. If you find an RV mechanic who offers warranties on all their work, that’s definitely a good sign; it means they are confident in their knowledge and skills, and you probably should too.

Make sure the shop is certified.

True RV repair specialists get certification to bolster their skills. If they truly serious about giving their best to their customers, they will spend time and resources to make that possible. So before you decide on a particular repair shop, ask them about their certifications. This will not make any promises or guarantees, only assurance that they are devoted to their profession.

Let the RV community help.

If you have problems while on the road, there’s a good chance you won’t know which shops in town are worth trusting. Luckily, as an RV owner, you’ll be part of a friendly community of RV owners who are always happy to give advice when needed.

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