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Track: [ENG SUB] 151211 EXO's Showtime EP4 Unseen Cut (Chen gifts for no christmas Exo).
Exo chen no gifts for christmas

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Exo chen no gifts for christmas

#EXO: Chen Feels Guilty For Receiving Fan Gifts; Will No Longer Accept Any -

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Suho starts by asking what they all did for Christmas last year and Chanyeol Chanyeol says because Exo is so big, they decided not to buy As fate would have it, Sehun pulled Chen's name and received a gift from him. EXO's Chen announces he will no longer accept fan gifts, and hopes fans will no longer feel the need to. On July 19, the singer posted a. In a fan page entry, EXO's Chen told fans that he will not be receiving fan gifts anymore. The singer, who feels guilty for the multitude of gifts.
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Exo chen no gifts for christmas

Even though it is not Christmas, I will still do this. Sorry for the You: *catches Chen hiding it* What are you doing with my gift that I bought with all my love?. Read My Christmas Gift from the story Christmas Gift (EXO Kai Oneshot Fanfic) by jinjinxskylar "What?.No it's gonna be too late by then," Hyejin expressed.
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EXO's Chen announces he will no longer accept fan gifts, and hopes fans will no longer feel the need to. On July 19, the singer posted a. Read My Christmas Gift from the story Christmas Gift (EXO Kai Oneshot Fanfic) by jinjinxskylar "What?.No it's gonna be too late by then," Hyejin expressed.

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Exo chen no gifts for christmas

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Kai drew Kris' Exo chen no gifts for christmas and Kai immediately exclaims loudly after opening the box which catches everyone's attention. There is a point during a pivotal part of the movie where the leading man admits something and the crowd in the courtroom become outrage but Tao didn't understand what was said and needed Luhan to explain which was cute because once Tao understood, he became exasperated with the character too.

Can't we leave this poor man some dignity?!?! BaekhyunChanyeolChenD. It's "The Little Prince".

EXO’s Chen Says He...

Lay continues to sleep on the floor, not at all affected by the crying members around him. Baekhyun says that Sehun always cries when he's mad at his Hyung's. Luhan gets Xiumin and Xiumin says it's not something you can eat and it's not a coupon either. Which of course, sounds like a challenge so they arm wrestle with left arms to make it more fair since they're all right-handed. It's "The Little Prince".

Exo chen no gifts for christmas


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131219 Baekhyun's christmas gift ($hØwtïmę)


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