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Fun christmas gift wrapping ideas
Make it personal If you don't have a set of gift tags on hand,...
Click here to revolutionize the way kids learn with our new book,...
A beautifully wrapped gift really shows someone you care. These clever do-it-yourself ideas are sure...

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Fun christmas gift wrapping ideas


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Instead of traditional gift wrap, try some of these unique Christmas gift wrapping ideas this year

Find out how to mimic these creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas from some of our A fun, creative way to top your gifts with holiday cheer. Your friends, family, and coworkers will adore these cute gift wrapping ideas almost as much as the presents themselves — and you'll have fun. The holiday experts at rlsjrnl.info share 50 creative handmade holiday gift wrap and tag ideas for Christmas.
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Fun christmas gift wrapping ideas

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Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Wax paper, a simple according fold, a few snips with the Fun christmas gift wrapping ideas and some fluffing will give you one awesome wax paper bow. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn repurposed Scrabble tiles and twine for this playful gift tag. If you love family photos, this photo wrapping paper will definitely be right up your alley. And, thanks to my adorable son, I am celebrating a life filled with boyish charm.

This old-school craft project is a great way to get kids involved in the season of giving. Design by Morgan Levine.

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