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Track: GCN's Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Cyclists - 2014 (Gifts Cycling xmas).
Cycling xmas gifts

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Cycling xmas gifts

Christmas gifts for cyclists -

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It's November and the festive season is pretty much unavoidable now, online and on the high street. Many of us are counting down the days until Christmas, and. 4 days ago Like a strong tailwind, rich coffee and a smooth road without cars, here are nine gifts guaranteed to make any roadie smile. Cycling. If you're after a relatively small and inexpensive present for the cyclist in your life, we have a whole bunch of suggestions to get you started.
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4 days ago Like a strong tailwind, rich coffee and a smooth road without cars, here are nine gifts guaranteed to make any roadie smile. Cycling. With yet another year of riding in its legs, Telegraph Sport is able to once again present its annual round-up of cycling gear that has impressed.
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With yet another year of riding in its legs, Telegraph Sport is able to once again present its annual round-up of cycling gear that has impressed. From sturdy locks to blinding lights, here's our guide to 24 of the best Christmas gifts topping every cyclist's Xmas present list.

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Cycling xmas gifts

Christmas Gift Guide: Road Cycling Gifts for Women

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GCN's Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Cyclists - 2014

10 Gifts Every Male Cyclist...

Dose yourself with this cheekily named but UCI-legal Guatemalan espresso blend. World's first cycling radar that warns approaching vehicles from up to yards behind. Ultra-thin GPS smartwatch with built-in activity tracking sports apps for running, biking and golfing, swimming and more. An incredibly functional and good looking basket for the style conscious urban cyclist.

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Not a member yet? Nevertheless, snap up this cap inspired by the s cult cinematic classic. Page 1 of 10 Christmas gifts for cyclists 1. The ideal Secret Santa gift for the office eco-warrior, this biodegradable lube is tough on grime but gentle on the environment.

Most of our working days at Cyclist entail trolling the internet all day for cool cycling products to put in the Cycling xmas gifts. In our opinion, the perfect stocking filler.


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Whether they're a hardcore cycling junkie, or just enjoy a nice easy ride around town, these gifts are sure to go down well with any cyclist.
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Pop one of these in your water bottle and it'll not only taste better but the electrolytes will help you hydrate more efficiently.
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